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Meet Venus!
Delano Clarinet Choir member since


Part currently playing:

1st clarinet
Venus is a rare find indeed! Besides being drum major of her middle school band, she is one of the fastest learners Mr. Morrison has ever had the pleasure of teaching. Starting on clarinet in September of 2000 she was admitted into the group just two months later!!  Venus was also the student body president of her elementary school in fourth grade - which is usually reserved for fifth graders. She is also active in dance, and has many other talents. We're lucky to have you, Venus! We are all looking forward to having you as a member for many years to come!
Receiving a Certificate of Merit for the 2001 Delano Music Memorial, Venus walks to the center of the stage after being congratulated by our district superintendent Dr. Woolsey
Venus with her sister, Vanessa
Venus playing clarinet in her middle school band wind ensemble
The notes aren't the only objects on this page that dance... Venus is also quite impressive as a dancer at Darlene's Dance Workshop
Venus all decked out and ready for her middle school graduation in June of 2005.
Above, smiling for the camera at the C.C.H.S. graduating ceremonies in 2008.  On the left, a much earlier picture in June of 2001 waiting to perform for the middle school graduation
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