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To start things off...
The Delano Clarinet Choir
First performance at Disneyland - 1998
A bit nervous but playing well under pressure,
the Delano Clarinet Choir performs at the
Carnation Plaza Stage in front of a Disneyland
crowd for the first time
Now with our 1999-2000 percussionist Candie, the Delano
Clarinet Choir returns along with a special cameo appearance by
charter member Lynda who moved away in 1998.  At this
performance we played much more complex selections
including Rhapsody In Blue, A Journey Through Final
Fantasy VIII, In The Still Of The Night, and much more...
Members of the clarinet choir
perform for the governor of the
state of California
Delano Clarinet Choir members John, Pamela, and
Charistel show off their patriotism after playing for
the governor of California Gray Davis on July 4, 1999
Lucy, not pictured, performed for the governor as well!)
Governor Gray Davis, seen here on the right along
with other local assemblymen and congressmen
signs a bill allocating funds for the City of Delano
as members of the Clarinet Choir play patriotic
music to celebrate this occasion on the 4th of July
Combined concert during the
Christmas season with the
Delano High School Choir in
the Valley Plaza Shopping Mall
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