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With over 50 clarinet players and two percussionists, people often ask us:
What kind of music can you play?
All of the music performed by the Delano Clarinet Choir is arranged by their director, Mr. Morrison. Below is a detailed description of how these arrangements work.
Most of the music played by the Delano Clarinet Choir is arranged by ear, with the remainder coming from modified orchestral scores or wind ensemble works. Some are also based on piano reductions or big band charts. Although each arrangement is unique in itself and varies from piece to piece, generally speaking there are at least seven independent musical voices assigned to the performers.
Clarinet part 1 - primary melodic line
Clarinet part 2 - main harmony line that supports the melody
Clarinet part 3 - harmony line generally underneath part 2
Eb Clarinet - reinforces parts 2 and 3, depending on range
Clarinet part A - primary accomaniment line
Clarinet part B - secondary accompaniment line
Clarinet part C - harmony line underneath part B and/or bass line reinforcement
Bass and Contrabass Clarinet - bass line
NOTE: This is obviously an oversimplification and is primarily intended as a basic guide and not a concrete rule!
Part assignments follow the general "pyramid of sound" rule with less on the upper and more on the lower parts to maintain proper balance. Due to the tremendous range of the clarinet, we can cover the pitches of virtually every instrument in the standard symphony orchestra. Below is an example of a warm-up chorale arranged for the clarinet choir:
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