Pictured here is Father Steve, who has done so much to keep the
Delano Clarinet Choir a success. He may not be waving the baton,
but her has done practically everything else! When the group
became too large to continue rehearsals in Mr. Morrison's house,
he donated the use of his
church parish hall. Whenever we have
out of town performances he is always willing to provide needed
transportation and to lend a helping hand. Keeping track of so
many students and all that they require is no problem for Father
Steve - that's why we have donated this page in his honor and he
will forever be known as "Our Hero!!"
Holding up the rear,
here's Father Steve
waiting for the BIG
SPLASH along with
several other
members of the
clarinet choir! From
front to rear:
Robelyn, Jolly, Tim,
Mr. Morrison, and
Father Steve
About to embark on another advanture,
Father Steve and members of the clarinet
choir hope they stay afloat in the canoe!
As is far too often the
case, you can see
Father Steve in the
background helping out
as usual by bringing the
contrabass stools for
Jennifer and Lynda
immediately before the
June 2000 Disneyland
performance. An
unsung hero indeed!
"Where we practice"
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Although Father Steve moved away in August of 2008,
we leave this page up in his memory for everything he
did for the Delano Clarinet Choir.  No one can ever
replace you, and we are forever in your debt!