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Meet Christina!
Delano Clarinet Choir
Member since:
Part currently playing:
Bass clarinet
Christina has been a member of the clarinet choir for only a short time, but she is no stranger to music!  She is a member of the current Fluteworks as well as playing in the clarinet choir.  She got an early start with music, playing flute when she was only in second grade.  Christina is also a great team player, willing to play a part that is easy just to help out the younger players.  She is also one of the most responsible along with her friend Sylvia who also plays in Fluteworks.  Glad to have you with us, Christina!!
Christina's family helps out a great deal with the Delano High School Band.  Here you see her dad making burgers and to the right, the band (just kidding...)
I think it's Christina on bass clarinet at Disneyland 2003...
Here's Christina graduating from Cecil Avenue Middle School in June of 2003
La Familia?
On the left, I think her dad is at it again...
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Christina at a recent performance with Fluteworks