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Meet John Menard!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
Solo 1st clarinet
John was chosen as a member of the State of California Honor Band for 2001 and 2002!
Above and on the left, John is performing with the State Honor Band - The first time Delano has had anyone chosen since the 1970's.  On the right, John performs with the Delano H.S. Winter Percussion at the Delano Music Memorial concert in 2001.  John can play most anything!
John Menard back in 1995 on his clarinet during the start of his first year of music instruction
How cute!!
John Menard is the undisputed leader of the Delano Clarinet Choir.  In 1999, John participated in the K.C.M.E.A. Solo and Encemble rating festival as a soloist and became the FIRST music student in Delano to receive a command performance and be chosen to perform at the 1999 command performance recital.  John is seen here after his solo was completed at the recital with Mr. Morrison who accompanied his solo on the piano.
Other interests
John also enjoys flying kites (and sometimes destroying them), anything "South Park", "Pokemon", video games, and hanging out with the people pictured here on the left - his musician friends Jenny and Jemimah along with Mr. Morrison.
John Menard also plays with the Cal State University Community Concert Band under the direction of Dr. Gordon Mehling.  At the age of 12 John had the distinction of being the band's youngest member.  Here he is once again with his friend Jemimah (who is also a member of the community band) performing outside at "The Marketplace" in southwest Bakersfield
John with Jenny and Jemimah egttin' ready to ride the waves at the Spring Fling 2001
John Menard as a member of the Delano High School Golden Tiger band practicing for a field show competition in the fall of 1999
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